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Mortgage Loan Servicing has become too expensive and risky for many lenders to handle in house. That ‘s why so many lenders, financial institutions and private investors are turning to GMR for assistance.

Georgia Mortgage Resources focuses on the details, so you can focus on portfolio performance.

GMR can help you

Enable Regulatory Compliance: Agency, federal and state banking regulators, state attorneys general and local municipalities have imposed significant new requirements for mortgage asset servicing. There are heightened requirements to provide more detail and frequent reporting of all consumer interaction, Loss Mitigation and default management activities. A proven servicer/sub-servicer has the technology and expertise to capably perform those servicing related duties on your behalf.
Reduce Liabilities: The cost of non-compliance and and potential fines being imposed by regulatory authorities and agencies. Failure to comply with these requirements exposes self-servicers to the possibility of significant penalties and fines that can eliminate the economic benefits of owning servicing and that Company.

Online Oversight Tool

Access Enhanced Technologies: With GMR, you’ll have full, 24/7 access to all borrower transactions, documents and communications; as well as a reputable and experienced asset manager to assist with vendor compliance requirements.

 Ensure that your company is up to date with secondary market remitting and reporting methods and the multitude of state and local servicing requirement for collections, loss mitigation and default management. In addition to the core servicing system, additional systems are required for Loan Origination Systems and general ledger integration, lockbox processing, business intelligence and customer reporting, inbound and outbound  call center management, automated voice response, borrower on-line payment and statement access, automated dialing, loss mitigation, collateral release preparation, investor reporting, bank reconciliation, investor on-line servicing reporting and other support functions.

Greater Value

Capture Economies of Scale:  Working with a licensed servicer/sub-servicer is more cost effective than building a new internal servicing operation or using an existing servicing platform with a smaller volume. The cost of multiple required servicing technologies, trained staff, various support systems and compliance monitoring make it extremely difficult to be cost competitive servicing smaller portfolios.
Servicing Tasks GMR Performs:
  • All asset administration functions
  • All investor reporting and reconciliation
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Preparing management reports on portfolio status and behavior
  • Providing statistics and servicing quality reports to management Managing delinquencies and collection activities
  • Overseeing compliance and all government regulations and secondary market investors’ requirements
  • Understanding the unique relationship with consumers and committing to providing the same level of service